Five Grammar Myths Debunked

For scams and urban legends, check But what if grammar myths are getting you down? If you’re afraid to start a sentence with “but” or “because” or would rather get a root canal than split an infinitive, help is on the way. Myth One: You can’t start a sentence with a coordinating conjunction like and, yet, or but. What […]

Still Saying No!

Just like its sister article Just Say No, this article adds to our list of quick style fixes. 1. Provides That Replace this heavy phrase with under and a comma. That way, you focus on the parties, not on the case name or statute. Before: “Section 102(a)(3) provides that life support may be removed upon […]

Just Say No!

A good editor is like Pavlov’s dog. Here are five expressions that should make you salivate—for all the wrong reasons. 1. Regarding, Concerning You know you’re talking to a lawyer when you hear things like “Do you have any thoughts regarding where we should go for dinner?” or “I have a serious issue concerning the way she wants to […]