Trusted by Over 22,000
Legal Professionals

Trusted by Over 22,000 Legal Professionals

Trusted by Over 22,000 Legal Professionals

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BriefsContractsEmailsClient LettersMemosLegal Op-EdsLegal ResearchJudicial Opinons


Why Our Customers Love BriefCatch

"In seconds, BriefCatch can perform a strong first-round edit that would take me an hour or more to perform by hand."
Amanda Heitz
Bowman and Brooke, Litigation Partner
"I used BriefCatch on a petition that freed a man who spent 12 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit."
Brandon Bell
Morgan Pilate LLC, Of Counsel
"BriefCatch is my favorite legal tech product by far. It’s indispensable for modern litigators."
Kyle Robisch
Latitude Legal, Partner
"From real-time editing suggestions to comprehensive draft scoring, BriefCatch enhances clarity, persuasiveness, and effectiveness in your legal documents."
Chris Kieser
Pacific Legal Foundation, Attorney
“Everyone needs an editor. With BriefCatch, not only can you have the nation’s premiere legal-writing expert as your own personal copy-editor, but you can receive his invaluable feedback instantaneously.”
Cory Andrews
Washington Legal Foundation, General Counsel & Vice President
"BriefCatch is an innovative tool that blows its competitors out of the water—it is a must-have piece of software for any lawyer, law student, or judge."
Megan Boyd
University of Cincinnati, Professor
"Finally. With BriefCatch, Ross Guberman now sits beside me–with his gentle and ever-so-useful suggestions–all to sharpen my brief writing. Thank you."
Laura Schwartz
"BriefCatch provided that second pair of eyes everyone needs on their writing – only a lot more quickly! It was great for instant feedback on legal writing."
Mary Rouvelas
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Managing Counsel
"BriefCatch is a fantastic tool. It made me aware of bad habits I didn't even know I had. Editing is faster and my briefs read better."
Paul Sherman
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Senior Attorney

Case Study

Bowman and Brooke LLP

Facing an unprecedented surge in cases due to COVID-19, Bowman and Brooke LLP turned to BriefCatch to streamline their document drafting process. By incorporating BriefCatch into their workflow, the firm significantly enhanced their efficiency and document quality, maintaining their leading position in defense litigation.

“Now, before associates submit any written work product to me for review, I tell them that they must run BriefCatch and revise their work until each of their scores is green.”

– Amanda Heitz, Bowman and Brooke, Partner

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Whether you’re an individual looking to use BriefCatch or want to empower your team or entire organization to consistently deliver high quality legal writing, BriefCatch has the right plan for you.

As Seen on Social Media

Gregg Costa
Gregg CostaFormer Fifth Circuit Judge
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I used to put a Ross Guberman book in my law clerks' offices. His books are the best. So it's a special honor to serve on his Legal Writing Advisory Panel. Looking forward to discussing/debating legal writing with the distringuished group he has assembled, including my partner Allyson Ho.
Raoul G. Cantero
Raoul G. CanteroOffice Executive Partner for Miami and Head of Miami Disputes Group
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I am honored to be part of this amazing panel of legal writers Ross Guberman has put together. Ask any judge: the written product continues to be the most important component of legal advocacy. Judges hold ever-fewer hearings, deciding most issues on the papers. This sputs a premium on clear, concise, simple legal writing. BriefCatch has helped our team improve our work product and thus our advocacy.
Steve Leben
Steve LebenProfessor of Law and Former Judge
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Why would any judge put out an opinion, let alone a high-profile opinion, without using BriefCatch??? The Kansas appellate courts got BriefCatch years ago. I will add: I believe I’m a good writer, and I’ve worked at it for decades. BriefCatch still helps me—a lot.
Robert Scavone Jr.
Robert Scavone Jr.Florida Appeals Appellate Attorney, Former Federal & State Appellate Law Clerk
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Lawyers: Are you using BriefCatch? If you are, you know the deal. If you aren't, you are missing an opportunity to take your writing to the next level. BriefCatch was created by Ross Guberman, Golden Pen Award winner. Get the free trial. You won't regret it. BriefCatch, I put that sh*t on everything.