From the Mind of Ross Guberman

Legal Writing Resources

Discover the keys to exceptional legal writing with Ross Guberman, BriefCatch’s Founder and CEO. Dive into a world where clarity meets persuasion through Ross’s acclaimed books, master classes, and comprehensive courses. Each resource is crafted to elevate your legal writing, whether you’re drafting briefs, motions, or any legal document. Explore the tools and insights that have transformed legal professionals worldwide into more effective communicators and advocates.


Point Taken

“Point Taken” by Ross Guberman explores writing strategies from top judges, like Learned Hand and Antonin Scalia, providing a step-by-step guide with practical examples to elevate legal writing to great writing. Covering openings, conciseness, organization, and style at all levels, the book also discusses dissents and includes an appendix with tips and judge bios.

Point Made

“Point Made” offers attorneys techniques for persuasive writing, with Guberman analyzing strategies from top lawyers to enhance motion and brief drafting. It breaks down legal writing challenges with strategic advice and examples, including updates and new case insights in the Second Edition, serving as a complete guide to boosting advocacy skills.

Master Classes

Point Made

Ross’s acclaimed legal writing book, Point Made, is finally getting the master class treatment. Based on Ross’s best-selling book, the Point Made master class features top writing techniques and examples to elevate your writing.


Transactional Drafting I

Develop your contract drafting skills with Ross Guberman—and have fun doing it. Bite-sized videos and interactive practice help you learn the basic parts of a contract and key drafting principles to set you up for success.

Transactional Drafting II

Join Ross for a deeper dive into transactional drafting with a focus on advanced concepts like material terms, provisos, and more. You’ll also have a chance to hone your skills with usage drills and contract drafting simulations.

Writing Workouts with Ross Guberman

Ross’s online writing workouts make it a breeze to improve your grammar, style, and usage so that you can start writing like the nation’s top advocates. With hundreds of interactive questions, detailed explanations, and model answers—becoming a better writer has never been easier.

This LTN Startup Spotlight discusses how BriefCatch, founded by Ross Guberman, enhances legal writing with AI-driven suggestions and secured $3.5M in VC funding in 2023.