Catch Excellence in Your Writing

Catch Excellence in Your Writing

Catch Excellence in Your Writing

About Us

BriefCatch’s mission is to empower legal professionals by enhancing their writing skills. Founded in 2018 by Ross Guberman, BriefCatch was created to extend his expertise in legal writing to a broader audience. Through years of leading workshops for the legal elite, Guberman developed BriefCatch to provide real-time improvements and insights directly during the drafting process.

BriefCatch, along with its sister products such as BriefChat, leverages insights from leading legal minds to offer real-time editing suggestions, analytical draft scores, and detailed narrative reports. These tools reflect the collective wisdom of top legal professionals, aiming to improve both the clarity and persuasiveness of legal documents.

At BriefCatch, we are dedicated to supporting legal professionals achieve excellence in their writing, ensuring that every document meets the high standards of the legal field.

Our Founder

Ross Guberman, the CEO and founder, is widely recognized as a leading authority in legal writing and education. His innovative approach to legal writing culminated in the development of BriefCatch, a tool that instantaneously enhances legal documents.

Ross is the judiciary’s choice to train new federal judges, an expert witness, a former law-school adjunct professor, a best-selling author, a popular conference speaker, and a frequent commentator for The New York Times and other news outlets.

Guberman’s books, including the acclaimed “Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation’s Top Advocates” and “Point Taken: How to Write Like the World’s Best Judges,” are essential resources in the field.

Ross Guberman

Advisory Panel

Envisioned by Ross Guberman, the Legal Writing Advisory Panel brings together leading judges, advocates, and academics to elevate legal writing standards. This panel meets quarterly to redefine effective legal communication, helping legal professionals produce more accessible, efficient, and impactful documents. 

Through their collective expertise, the panel continuously refines legal writing best practices, sharing their insights with the legal community to foster a future where excellent legal writing is the norm.

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