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Do you dream of leaving the lonely editing grind behind? What if you could call up real-time expert legal-writing guidance on command from a bestselling author and the trainer of all new federal judges?

No more late nights floundering in legal writing fog. Regain your writing passion and confidence as you see your skills shine. And reap the benefits of writing more efficiently and persuasively than ever–all within our secure environment.

BriefCatch’s magic lives up the hype, says Above the Law: “Not everyone can be Elena Kagan. But you can get close.” That’s one reason 99% of law firms and courts re-subscribe each year.

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Boost Your Confidence With Every Click

Gain instant access to a vast database of solutions for every legal-writing challenge.

Let Your Voice Shine Through

Sharpen your writing skills with our hand-picked examples and exclusive tips.

Rely on Proven Expertise

Tap into the mind of one of the world’s most in-demand legal-writing experts.

The Joy of Legal Writing: Not a Punchline!

By Lawyers. For Lawyers.

Whether it’s by tightening your prose, finetuning your transitions, or zapping lawyer-specific errors, BriefCatch’s interactive suggestions bring out your best writing. “BriefCatch makes me sound more like myself,” as one subscriber put it.

BriefCatch 3 Suggestions

“In seconds, BriefCatch can perform a strong first-round edit”

- Litigation Partner

While flustered colleagues spin their wheels and stare at their screens, you’ll enjoy instant access to our database of tips for every legal-writing challenge. And you’ll like another unique benefit: Tailored to each editing suggestion are handpicked examples from the likes of Elena Kagan and Paul Clement.

A High-Scoring Hall of Fame

On any draft of any document, ask BriefCatch to number-crunch five writing-quality scores. Surprised at how they are? Then join other users in posting your scores on social media or entering our BriefCatch Hall of Fame!

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The BriefCatch Hall of Fame

Access and share top-notch legal documents while matching wits with the world’s best legal writers.

Level Up

See your scores tick up over time–and join other users who post them with pride.

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Spot Your Patterns

Benefit from comparisons with the writing styles of other lawyers, students, and judges.

Reach Your Readers

Explore lawyer-specific feedback on word and sentence length, passive voice usage, and more.

Highlight Strengths & Ways to Improve

Build on your strengths, optimize editing, and track growth.

The Big Picture

Generate holistic reports on entire documents. See how you compare with colleagues when it comes to word and sentence length, passive voice usage, and more. Spotlight your stylistic strengths while freeing yourself from wording crutches you didn't even know you had.

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“In seconds, BriefCatch can perform a strong first-round edit that would take me an hour or more to perform by hand.” 

Amanda Heitz
Litigation Partner

Amanda Heitz, Litigation Partner
Amanda Heitz, Litigation Partner

“Watching [BriefCatch 3] work its magic lived up to the hype. Not everyone can be Elena Kagan. But you can get close.

Joe Patrice, Above the Law
Joe Patrice, Above the Law

I used BriefCatch on a petition that freed a man who spent 12 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.”

Branden Bell, Counsel
Morgan Pilate LLC

Branden Bell, Counsel, Morgan Pilate LLC
Branden Bell, Counsel, Morgan Pilate LLC