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Powerhouse of features.
Next Gen Natural Language Processing.

BriefCatch is powered by a patented Natural Language Processing engine leveraging AI to apply over 11,000 complex rules to legal documents, instantly offering real-time editing suggestions and correcting errors that other products miss.

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Patented Technology

BriefCatch utilizes a patented NLP engine instantly offering thousands of suggestions.

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Automatic Updates

Get access to 11,000+
on-demand truly unique legal writing suggestions.

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Powered by AI

Spots mistakes before readers do using state of the art NLP, machine learning, and AI.

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Any Device

BriefCatch is a Microsoft Word Add-in, compatible with PC, Mac, and Word Online.

Slash proofing and editing time.

The Suggestions interface in BriefCatch lets you create better legal documents faster while sharing the secrets of great writing.

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Real-Time Editing

Get on-demand and instant
suggestions as you write.

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Complex Rules Simplified

Access best practices for dissents that are based on facts, doctrine, or policy.

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BriefCatch explains why a word or phrase was matched.

BriefCatch 3 Suggestions
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Real World Examples

You will have access to thousands of examples from renowned legal experts

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Simple Navigation

Quickly navigate through suggestions across your document or ignore a suggestion or rule.

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Faster & Better

Suggestions are generated faster than ever and rescans are instantanous.

Writing Scores. Game on.

BriefCatch includes five AI-derived document quality scores. Gain insights into your style strengths along with writing patterns and wording habits you didn’t even know you had.

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Scores Algorithm

The scoring algorithm uses a sophisticated point system across 5 distinct categories.

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Check Your Progress

The scoring engine scans your entire document to instantly generate your score.

BriefCatch 3: Scores
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Learn to Improve

Gain access to valuable insights and knowledge articles to improve your scores.

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Compare and Grow

Develop foundational drafting skills at any experience level.

Custom Reporting.

Receive a custom report that analyzes strengths, weaknesses, and excessively used words through data analysis.

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Recognize Your Patterns

Pinpoint your writing strengths and bring to light any unconscious patterns and habits, providing valuable insights for you to gain even greater control over your writing.

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Readability Feedback

Provide you with comparative feedback on the average word and sentence length, as well as the frequency of passive-voice sentences.

BriefCatch 3: Reports
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Strengths and Areas to Improve

Highlight the relative strengths of your document, allowing you to leverage them effectively. Additionally, it identifies weaknesses, enabling you to optimize your editing time and track your improvement over time.

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Wording Patterns

Informs you if you are possibly utilizing specific "crutch" words or phrases more frequently than the majority of lawyers or judges tend to do.

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

BriefCatch 3 is available on Microsoft® AppSource. Supported versions include Microsoft® Word 2016 or later on Windows®, Microsoft® Word 2016 or later on macOS®, and Microsoft® Word for Web (Microsoft® 365 Online).

A Tale of Two Lawyers.

See how BriefCatch’s patented technology and expert suggestions let one of the lawyers focus on what matters most.


Our customers love BriefCatch and we love our customers! Read the real-life experiences from our users who trust BriefCatch to enhance their legal writing.

“In seconds, BriefCatch can perform a strong first-round edit that would take me an hour or more to perform by hand.” 

Amanda Heitz
Litigation Partner

Amanda Heitz, Litigation Partner
Amanda Heitz, Litigation Partner

“Watching [BriefCatch 3] work its magic lived up to the hype. Not everyone can be Elena Kagan. But you can get close.

Joe Patrice, Above the Law
Joe Patrice, Above the Law

I used BriefCatch on a petition that freed a man who spent 12 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.”

Branden Bell, Counsel
Morgan Pilate LLC

Branden Bell, Counsel, Morgan Pilate LLC
Branden Bell, Counsel, Morgan Pilate LLC