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Why do Supreme Court Justices and tens of thousands of lawyers trust BriefCatch? This powerful one-of-a-kind editing tool makes instant suggestions that bring out your best writing.

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No other product is like BriefCatch.

Put more than 10,000 state-of-the-art edits at your fingertips with just one click.

Enjoy peace of mind when the stakes are high, focusing on substance and strategy and your expertise.

Why not let BriefCatch help with everything from formatting citations and catching extra spaces to punching up your language and making your points flow?

BriefCatch is the tool of choice for serious legal writers. That’s why our clients include Supreme Court Justices, the Department of Justice, and some of the world’s largest law firms. Not to mention thousands of other judges, agencies, and lawyers of every stripe.

BriefCatch lets you in on Ross’s decades of experience leading thousands of writing workshops worldwide at the helm of Legal Writing Pro. Ross is the judiciary’s choice to train all new federal judges, a popular speaker at legal and judicial conferences, and the author of the best-selling book on brief-writing. BriefCatch also incorporates his analysis of best-in-class legal work product and his private surveys of judges and clients.

A single workshop with Ross costs five figures. Or you can get BriefCatch for less than a dollar a day.

The Editing Tool of Tomorrow

BriefCatch was an instant success, thanks in part to its creator’s reputation and loyal client base. Even so, we strive to make it better and better every day, continually refining and expanding our universe of unique edits and consistency checks.


AI for Fun and Profit

Unlike products with stale technology and static edits, BriefCatch features the latest in natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We mine this data to fine-tune both our editing rules and our BriefCatch scoring system, which lets you compare your drafts with the writing of such luminaries as Paul Clement, Elena Kagan, and Antonin Scalia.

Maybe you’ll be the next BriefCatch user to post sky-high scores on social media or to join the BriefCatch Hall of Fame?


Flowing and Cohesive


Concise and Readable


Crisp and Punchy


Clear and Direct

The greatest strengths of your document are that you use modifiers effectively and start sentences crisply..

The best ways to improve your document are to replace wordy phrases with single words and to cut jargon and legalese.

Learn While You Earn

Do you enjoy watching your writing transform? BriefCatch also lets you generate our custom Narrative Report on an entire document. Gain insights into your style strengths along with writing patterns and wording habits you didn’t even know you had.

The reports update each time you edit your work.


Ross Guberman

Ross has conducted thousands of top-rated writing and editing workshops on three continents for prominent firms, agencies, and courts. With degrees from Yale University and The University of Chicago Law School, Ross is the author of bestselling books, the judiciary’s choice to train new federal judges, an expert witness, a former lawyer at a top firm, a former law-school adjunct professor, a popular conference speaker, and a frequent commentator for The New York Times and other publications.

Thousands of Edits

By lawyers. For lawyers.
Refines every part of a lawyer’s or judge’s writing craft.

Frequent Updates

We upgrade BriefCatch several times a year.


Enjoy Our Latest Features

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What Will You Catch Today?

An editing mode to suit your mood and needs: Catch Style finesses your word choice. Catch Consistency finds and fixes errors. And Catch All pulls out all the stops.

Enhanced Interface

Our sleek user interface makes it easy to navigate the suggestions. Gamification points also let you track your editing progress.

And we’re proud that unlike other tools, BriefCatch meets Section 508’s accessibility standards.


With more than 10,000 writing algorithms developed by a legal writing expert at the top of his game, BriefCatch is the most advanced tool of its kind.

Your Writing Story

Gain insights into your writing strengths and wording patterns.

A Star Is Born

We’ve mined data from thousands of top-notch legal documents and opinions to create the popular BriefCatch scores.

Up and Up

Earn editing points as you work through your draft and see your work improve.

BriefCatch. Love Is All Around.

“BriefCatch is an innovative tool that blows its competitors out of the water—it is a must-have piece of software for any lawyer, law student, or judge.”

Megan Boyd

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“I cannot say enough good things about BriefCatch. Not only is it easily the most reasonably priced tool in the legal space, it is easily the most useful add-on available. It is the rare piece of software that reflects a thoughtful and complete focus on its user in every line of code.

Remy Green

Lawyer and Professor

“BriefCatch is like having a second set of eyes built into your computer. And because it explains its suggestions, you’ll soon find yourself preemptively correcting things like passive voice or flat verbs before you even run a program. Far and away the most useful software for legal writing I have ever used.

Ben Reese

Appellate Lawyer

“BriefCatch is a game-changer for legal writers at all levels. For new lawyers, it's a patient writing instructor, pointing out common problems and demonstrating how to fix them. For experienced lawyers and judges, it's a thoughtful copy editor, challenging you to reconsider flowery words and convoluted sentences. For everyone, it's an eagle-eyed proofreader, spotting typos and other gremlins you're likely to miss.”

Caroline Mandell

Lawyer and Law Professor

“Everyone needs an editor. With BriefCatch, not only can you have the nation's premiere legal-writing expert as your own personal copy-editor, but you can receive his invaluable feedback instantaneously.”

Cory Andrews

Senior Litigation Counsel

“BriefCatch is an intuitive and useful tool. Its scores are easy to digest and its feedback helped me improve writing that had already passed through several rounds of my own edits.”

Derek Reinbold

Harvard Law Student


Tens of thousands of lawyers and judges use BriefCatch. Want to see what you’ve been missing?


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