What is BriefCatch?

BriefCatch is a first-of-its-kind, sophisticated editing tool that will improve any legal document by generating instant feedback and suggestions.

In both its breadth and its depth, BriefCatch will help you more than any comparable product can. Guaranteed. Your clients and other readers will thank you.

The creator of BriefCatch is one of the world’s most in-demand writing trainers, the author of the bestselling book on brief writing, and a consultant for many of the most prestigious law firms and courts. More on Ross Guberman, the president of Legal Writing Pro, below.

Ross Guberman, Legal Writing Pro
Ross Guberman, Legal Writing Pro

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Instant Edits

Get tailored feedback based on thousands of editing suggestions.


Accept or ignore each suggestion, or turn off a rule for an entire document.


Spot words and practices that annoy judges.


Spot inconsistencies in wording, language, and punctuation, including the use of the serial comma.


Spot uses of the passive voice, sentences that are unusually long, certain citation errors, and typos that other spell checkers miss.


Generate custom scores that give you real-time objective feedback on your document’s flow, style, and overall readability.

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How Does It Work?

BriefCatch is a Word plug-in that offers editing suggestions that you can implement in real time. The program not only catches common mistakes but spots editing and advocacy opportunities that many lawyers and other writers miss. After each suggestion, just click “Change” or “Ignore.” You can also get feedback on the readability and flow of your entire document, and you can even generate a tailored custom report.

If you make some of the suggested edits, your writing will be more concise, polished, and convincing. And you’ll save time.

Like most Word plug-ins, BriefCatch works on PCs, but not on Macs.

How Can BriefCatch Help Me?

The suggested edits are based on thousands of algorithms that reflect the best practices in legal writing, direct input from judges, and analysis of the best legal writers’ styles and strategies.

BriefCatch gives you all these benefits on demand:

  • Get tailored feedback based on thousands of editing suggestions
  • Accept or ignore each suggestion, or turn off a rule for an entire document
  • Get help in shortening words, sentences, and even entire documents in just seconds
  • Get help with punch and flow
  • Get help in using case law more effectively
  • Spot words and practices that annoy judges and other readers
  • Spot inconsistencies in wording, language, and punctuation, including the use of the serial comma
  • Spot uses of the passive voice
  • Spot sentences that are unusually long
  • Spot certain citation errors
  • Spot typos that other spell checkers miss
  • Get scores that give you real-time objective feedback on your document’s flow, style, and overall readability

Created by Ross Guberman

Winner of the Legal Writing Institute’s 2016 Golden Pen award, Ross is the president of Legal Writing Pro LLC, a training and consulting firm. From Alaska and Hawaii to Paris and Hong Kong, he has conducted close to two thousand programs on three continents for prominent law firms, for judges and courts, and for dozens of agencies, corporations, and associations. His workshops are among the highest rated in the world of professional legal education.

Ross holds degrees from Yale, the Sorbonne, and the University of Chicago Law School.

Ross’s Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation’s Top Advocates is an Amazon bestseller that reviewers have praised as a “tour de force,” “a must for the library of veteran litigators,” and “an indispensable tool” filled with “practical, trenchant advice.” Point Made has sold tens of thousands of copies and is now in its second edition. Ross is also the author of Point Taken: How to Write Like the World’s Greatest Judges, which Court Review called "the best book . . . by far . . . about judicial writing." He has also coauthored Deal Struck: The World’s Best Drafting Tips with Gary Karl.

An active member of the bar and a former attorney at a top firm, Ross has also worked as a translator, professional musician, and award-winning journalist.

Ross often comments on business, law, writing, training, and lawyer development. He has addressed major international conferences, including ATD, NALP, PDC, PDI, and ACLEA. He has also been invited to speak at such major legal conferences as the Appellate Judges Education Institute, the ABA’s Corporate Counsel Summit, and IADC. He has presented at many judicial conferences as well.

Ross is a “Trusted Adviser” for the Professional Development Consortium and a consultant for Caren Stacy’s OnRamp Fellowship.

In 2017, his Twitter feed was named to the ABA’s “Web 100: Best Law Twitter.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing BriefCatch is a piece of cake: you simply download an .exe file. It takes about 30 seconds. The next time you open Word, BriefCatch will be the last tab on the right.

See our help section for more answers to FAQ.

What Others Think

BriefCatch easily and efficiently helped me improve the strength of my arguments and taught me about mistakes I hadn’t even considered I was making. I’d become numb to some of the legalese I was using, and BriefCatch helped to simplify my arguments. Every page became more reader-friendly based on the recommendations.

Graham Van Leuven, Lawyer

BriefCatch is an excellent tool. I used it to edit a brief that I had already “edited” and that I thought was near its final form. BriefCatch found many areas that could be condensed or reworded. It provided thoughtful, practical suggestions for streamlining those problem spots. The result was a tighter, more readable brief. The whole process—for a 10,000 word brief—took me less than two hours, and the results were well worth it. I highly recommend it for litigators who frequently write.

Luke Bradley, Litigation Associate

BriefCatch is not your average editing tool. It’s like having a collaborator there with you. It not only critiques and suggests ways to tighten and improve your draft, it lets you know what its strengths are and gives feedback through an addictive grading system—all in real time. An invaluable tool for the serious advocate.

Bryan Pattison, Lawyer

Everyone needs an editor. With BriefCatch, not only can you have the nation’s premiere legal-writing expert as your own personal copy-editor, but you can receive his invaluable feedback instantaneously.

Cory Andrews, Lawyer

Finally. With BriefCatch, Ross Guberman now sits beside me–with his gentle and ever-so-useful suggestions—all to sharpen my brief writing. Thank you.

Laura Schwartz, Lawyer

BriefCatch is a powerful tool tailored to address legal writers’ most common pitfalls. While BriefCatch is an excellent way to tighten up an individual project, it is also an incredible educational tool because it offers immediate feedback and constructive criticism.

Jennifer Collins, Partner

BriefCatch is an incredible tool that measurably improves my work product and helps me to develop my own skills and awareness as a writer. The feedback scores unique to BriefCatch are instructive, a little humbling, and a fun source of motivation to keep working hard to improve in the craft of writing. BriefCatch is a game changer.

Marshall J. Hendrickson, Lawyer

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