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Judges Speaking Softly
What thousands of judges revealed about what they love and hate in briefs.

50 Advocacy Writing Exercises
50 challenges tied to the 50 advocacy techniques in Point Made. Perfect for individuals or small groups.

Writing About Testimony
How to relay witness testimony without tears.

Five Ways to Write Like George Conway III
You know George Conway the public figure. But do you know George Conway the superb legal writer?

25 Ways to Write Like Chief Justice Roberts
Wording tweaks can engage readers and jumpstart your prose. Want to write more like the Chief?

Hyphenate or Bust
Small business owners or small-business owners? Help is on the way.

BriefCatch Hall of Fame Winners
Care to see some of the greatest legal and judicial writing of today?

Seven Ways to Write Like Justice Kagan
A decade after her debut opinion, Justice Kagan did it again. Seven takeaways.

The BriefCatch Law School Package
For law schools today, the question isn't whether to introduce your students to practice tools. It's when and how. For schools that want to lead, BriefCatch can help.

Boost Your Writing Skills Today
For this first time, thanks to Write.Law, my trainings are tailored, online, and on-demand. See the benefits here.

Five Ways to Write Like Judge Bibas
Editing tips based on an opinion from one of the best newcomers to the federal bench.

The BigLaw Letter: 50 Shades of Wording
Match wits with this letter penned by an elite law firm.

BriefCatch Fans Speak Out
What's the editing tool for the serious legal writer?