“Potshots and hyperbole”?

Did you hear about the federal judge who called out the “potshots and hyperbole” in a motion and asked counsel to refile?

BriefCatch and I spent about an hour trying to help. Here’s the result if you simply cut hyperbole, repetition, and over-quoting while streamlining the rest.

How to save a rejected motion and placate an irked judge!!

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BriefCatch is the ultimate editing tool for the serious legal writer.

BriefCatch 3 Desktop

That’s one reason its fans include Am Law 100 firms and even Supreme Court justices. Say goodbye to hours of tedious edits. Make proofreading a breeze. And benefit from BriefCatch’s 11,000 state-of-the-art edits. They’ll help you catch and resolve legal-writing issues that other products—and other lawyers—will miss. Why give the competition an advantage?

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