Service Level Agreement ("SLA")

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) constitutes an integral part of the Master Terms (“Terms”) between LawCatch, Inc. dba BriefCatch (“Company”) and the Customer. The provisions of this SLA detail the service level commitments from the Company and are in effect for the entire duration and entirety of the agreement between the Customer and the Company.

1. Service Commitment

LawCatch, Inc. will provide online access to its software applications and related services (“Services”) to the Customer in accordance with the terms of this SLA and the Terms.

2. Service Availability

The Services will be available 99% of the time, measured in terms of minutes per month, excluding holidays and weekends and scheduled maintenance. Downtime occurring due to maintenance requested by the Customer outside of the scheduled maintenance times will not be counted towards any service level failure.

3. Scheduled Maintenance

To ensure optimal performance of the Services, LawCatch, Inc. will perform maintenance on the Services from time to time. LawCatch, Inc. will make reasonable efforts to perform scheduled maintenance during non-business hours and will provide two days’ notice of maintenance when possible.

4. Support

LawCatch, Inc. will offer technical support for the Services. Customers can submit a support ticket 24/7 via our support hub at: 

  • Support tickets will be answered between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time on weekdays.
  • LawCatch, Inc. will respond to support tickets related to bugs or installation issues within one business day.

5. Service Credits

In the event that LawCatch, Inc. does not meet the Service Availability commitment, the Customer will be eligible for a credit toward a portion of the service fees for that month, provided that the Customer reports the outage promptly. The credits will be calculated as follows:

  • 99% uptime: No credit
  • 98% – 98.9% uptime: 5% credit
  • 97% – 97.9% uptime: 10% credit
  • Below 97% uptime: 15% credit

To receive service credits, the Customer must submit a request for support via the support hub within 24 hours of experiencing the downtime. 

LawCatch, Inc. will evaluate claims for service credits promptly and will apply any approved credits to the Customer’s account within one billing cycle. Service credits are not refundable and can only be used towards future billing cycles.

6. Exclusions

The above service commitments do not apply to any performance issues:

  • Caused by factors outside of LawCatch, Inc.’s reasonable control;
  • That resulted from any actions or inactions of the Customer or third parties;
  • That resulted from the Customer’s equipment and/or third-party equipment, including other software tools, not within the primary control of LawCatch, Inc.

7. Modifications to the SLA

LawCatch, Inc. may modify the terms of this SLA from time to time. Any changes will be binding and effective 24 hours after the revised document is posted on the company’s website or upon notification to the Customer.

8. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

LawCatch, Inc. is committed to maintaining robust disaster recovery and business continuity measures. Given that we do not collect, retain, or store customer work product, we have established both a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) at 24 hours. This timeframe is deemed reasonable and sufficient to restore the functionality of the Services after a system outage or significant disruption, reflecting the reduced complexity of our data recovery processes. 

This SLA represents the parties’ understanding of the level of service provided and is in addition to the terms of the Terms.

How to Contact Us

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