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Five Grammar Myths Debunked

By Ross Guberman / April 9, 2021 /

For scams and urban legends, check But what if grammar myths are getting you down? If you’re afraid to start a sentence with “but” or “because” or would rather get a root canal than split an infinitive, help is on the way. Myth One: You can’t start a sentence with a coordinating conjunction like and, yet, or but.…

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Textualism Whiplash: Two Supreme Studies

By Ross Guberman / April 1, 2021 /

“We are all textualists now,” said Justice Kagan at a speech honoring Justice Scalia. The Justices all agree on that much. But then what? In 2016, the Supreme Court had to decide whether “involving a minor” limited just the third type of crime below or the other two types as well. That case was Lockhart…

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