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Microsoft Word’s New Editor: Lawyer Beware?

By Ross Guberman / January 16, 2021 /

You’ve probably seen a spell checker turn “tortious interference” to “tortuous interference.” Ouch! But how does MS Word’s new Editor handle more-sophisticated editing suggestions in legal documents? We report below; you decide.

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Is the Impeachment Resolution’s Prose Unimpeachable?

By Ross Guberman / January 11, 2021 /

  Impeachment language is stuffy and overwrought, and the middling BriefCatch scores for the new Resolution reflect that:     But even if we can’t punch up the prose here, all hope isn’t lost. We could fix this verb-form error and punctuation glitch:     We could use American punctuation conventions, clarify sources, and reconsider…

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What Kind of Writer Is Judge Merrick Garland? Seven Clues

By Ross Guberman / January 6, 2021 /

Originally written in March 2016 We’ve heard a lot about Merrick Garland’s sterling CV and seasoned age, but how does he fare as an opinion writer? For clues, I pored over his 2013 opinion in ACLU v. CIA, a Freedom of Information Act case about whether the CIA could refuse to confirm or deny that it had records related to…

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