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BriefCatch Standalone Desktop Preview

Enhanced features.
On-Prem Processing Power.

Instantly scan your document, or a portion of it, and apply over 10,000 custom rules to offer expert editing suggestions. Spot and correct errors that other products miss. Improve your work even faster with BriefCatch Standalone's improved interface.

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Three Catch Modes

Save even more time by choosing from three editing modes to suit your needs.

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AI-Driven Scores

Gain insights into your writing and compare your style with renowned lawyers and judges.

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Advanced Reports

Create a revamped Report that number-crunches strengths, weaknesses, and overused words.

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Locally Installed

BriefCatch Standlone is installed locally and never connects to any external servers.

Perfect Your Work Faster.

BriefCatch Standalone has an improved user interface, allowing you to breeze through the suggestions.

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Gamify your editing by winning points as you progress through your draft. Watch your score increase as you work through the flagged catches.

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Let the navigation arrows help you maneuver through the edits. You can also scroll throughout the document and address the highlighted text in any order.

BriefCatch Standalone Suggestions
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Smart Suggestions

BriefCatch offers thousands of editing suggestions with hundreds of alternatives, far more than other products suggest. Also unlike some other products, BriefCatch explains what’s behind its editing suggestions.

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Real World Examples

While editing, you will find over 1,000 instant examples from legal luminaries along with hundreds of expanded explanations, explanatory tooltips, and writing tip sheets.

Scan and Compare Scores.

The highly praised Scores feature offers insights into your writing and lets you compare your style with that of renowned lawyers and judges.

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Reader Engagement

This global measure uses regression analysis to combine the four measures below. It reflects everything from the average length of paragraphs to the rate of select vivid verbs.

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Concise and Readable

This is a modern take on traditional readability measures like Flesch scores. It looks mostly at word and sentence length and variation, but it also considers wording patterns common in especially readable writing.

BriefCatch Standalone Scores
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Flowing and Cohesive

This measure has the closest links to elite legal, judicial, and journalistic writing. It considers transitions, modifier use, patterns at the ends of sentences, and many other proprietary data points.

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Crisp and Punchy

This measure rewards both including punchy words and phrases and avoiding wordy or cumbersome ones.

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Clear and Direct

This is the best measure of whether a document uses accessible language while avoiding jargon and legalese. It does not “count off,” however, for legal or industry-specific terms.

Advanced Reporting.

Create a revamped Report that number-crunches strengths, weaknesses, and overused words.

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Identify Your Habits

The Report identifies your style strengths and tips you off to unconscious patterns and habits so you can have even more control of your writing.

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Readability Feedback

Give you comparative feedback on the average length of words and sentences and on the rate of passive-voice sentences.

BriefCatch Standalone Reports
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Strengths and Room to Improve

Points out a document’s relative strengths so you can capitalize on them. Also highlights weaknesses so you can maximize your editing time and chart your progress.

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Wording Patterns

Lets you know if you might be using select “crutch” words or phrases much more often than most lawyers or judges do.

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

BriefCatch Standalone is a locally installed VSTO Word add-in. Supported versions include Microsoft® Word 2013 or later on Windows® 7 or newer.