BriefCatch Troubleshooting

How to uninstall BriefCatch.

Issue: How to uninstall BriefCatch

BriefCatch can be temporarily disabled within Word, or uninstalled to completely remove the software from your computer. The documentation below explains how to do both.

Temporarily Disable BriefCatch

1) Open Microsoft Word.

2) Click on File, then Options.

Word Options

3) Click on Add-ins.

Word Add-ins

4) Next to Manage COM Add-ins, click Go.

Manage Word Add-ins

5) Uncheck "Legal Writing Pro's BriefCatch for Microsoft Office," then click OK.

Uncheck Word Add-in

This will keep BriefCatch installed on your computer, but it will not be loaded by Microsoft Word.

To re-enable BriefCatch, follow the same steps above. When you get to step 5, check "Legal Writing Pro's BriefCatch for Microsoft Office," then click OK.

Uninstall BriefCatch

1) Ensure Microsoft Word is closed.

2) Go to Add or Remove Programs. (Click the bottom left Windows button in the start menu, and start typing "add or remove" then click the system setting that comes up.)

Add or Remove Programs Screenshot

Find BriefCatch in the list of "Apps & features," either by searching or scrolling down the list. Click on BriefCatch, then click Uninstall. (You may need to click Uninstall again, as shown in the below screenshot). Select Yes on any prompt that appears.

BriefCatch App Search

On the next window, click Uninstall to complete the process.

Uninstall BriefCatch

Still having issues? If you cannot uninstall BriefCatch, or are having other issues, please submit a support ticket.