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See the various sections below for the most frequently asked questions. The links above will allow you to quickly jump to specific BriefCatch sections.

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The items in this section are general questions relevant to both BriefCatch 3 and BriefCatch Standalone.

Absolutely not. Just editing suggestions.

BriefCatch 3

The items in this section are questions relevant to BriefCatch 3 only and may not be applicable to BriefCatch Standalone or BriefCatch 2.

Yes! BriefCatch 3 is now compatible on both Mac and PC.

Learn how to install BriefCatch 3 in this guide.

BriefCatch Standalone

The items in this section are questions relevant to BriefCatch Standalone only and may not be applicable to BriefCatch 3 or BriefCatch 2.

BriefCatch Standalone Download & Installation

No. We suggest Mac users try BriefCatch 3 which is Mac compatible!

BriefCatch Standalone Features

Once installed, BriefCatch Standalone will appear as a tab within the ribbon in Word. Click the tab to access the BriefCatch Standalone functions. For more information, you can reference our BriefCatch Standalone User Guide.

BriefCatch Standalone Licenses

BriefCatch Standalone Free Trial

7 days. During that time, you will have full access to the BriefCatch Standalone software.

BriefCatch Standalone Security & Payments

Payments are processed by a third party ( No credit card information is ever stored directly on our site. Our site uses SSL 256-bit encryption to ensure that all transactions are secure. The private certificate has been issued via Trustwave Holding, Inc.

Charges will show up on your statement as BRIEFCATCH or BRIEFC.

BriefCatch Standalone Account Information

BriefCatch 2

BriefCatch 2 support ended on December 31, 2022. All users will get a free upgrade to BriefCatch 3, our acclaimed SaaS-managed product with a brand-new UI and all the latest features and edits! If you have any questions, please contact our support team for assistance with updating to the latest version of BriefCatch.