BriefCatch 2

How to Upgrade to the Latest Version of BriefCatch


Thanks for supporting BriefCatch! All current subscribers of BriefCatch can upgrade to BriefCatch 2 for no additional cost.

We made it as simple as possible to upgrade to BriefCatch 2. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Visit our download page to access the latest version of BriefCatch 2.
  2. Click the green Download BriefCatch button to save BriefCatch to your computer.
  3. Make sure Word is closed before updating.
  4. Open BriefCatchInstaller.exe and follow the prompts to install BriefCatch 2.
  5. Open Word and ensure the BriefCatch tab appears with the correct version installed. (Click About, it should read "Add in version" at the top.)

Once finished, you now have BriefCatch 2 installed! Your license and settings will remain the same.

Using BriefCatch 2

You can find our quick reference PDF below, along with a brief introduction video tutorial, to help you get the most out of BriefCatch 2.

BriefCatch 2 User Quick Reference Guide

BriefCatch 2 Feedback

While you use BriefCatch 2, we would greatly appreciate if you could report any bugs or issues, and to provide suggestions or feedback from your experience. You can submit a ticket, or email us directly at