How to Use BriefCatch

Learn how to use the BriefCatch Standalone functions.

To use the software, open Microsoft Word. BriefCatch works entirely within Word, allowing you to edit your documents in real time. Along the top ribbon in Word, click on the BriefCatch S tab to open the BriefCatch functions:

BriefCatch Standalone Word Ribbon

In this tab, you will see these options:

Icon: Style
This feature taps into thousands of editing possibilities designed to make the document crisper, tighter, and more precise. The edits are all automatic—you just “Accept” or “Ignore” each one—with no rewriting needed.
Icon: Consistency
This feature focuses less on style and more on pure accuracy. With one click, you can spot and fix inconsistent language, formatting, and punctuation along with commonly confused words and citation errors.
Icon: All
This feature explores nearly every aspect of a draft. On top of all the automatic style and consistency checks, you’ll be prompted to recast passive constructions, streamline quotations, cut dates, shorten sentences, and vary your transitions.
Icon: Clear
Clear all catch highlights from the document.
Icon: Scores
Scans the document and displays global statistics based on five proprietary algorithms that each yield a maximum score of 100.
Icon: Report
Generate a detailed report of the document’s style strengths, weaknesses, and wording patterns.
Icon: Feedback
Submit online feedback or receive support about your BriefCatch experience.
Icon: About
View or add a BriefCatch license and see your current license information.
Icon: Resources
Online link to relevant articles and longer explanations.
Shown if there is a new version of BriefCatch Standalone available to download. (Can be hidden for 30 days.)
Icon: Purchase
Online link to purchase a BriefCatch license. (This icon will display only if you don't have an active license installed.)

"Catching" a Document

After you click on one of the three Catch modes, the software will scan your document.

The Catch function will apply thousands of rules and algorithms and will highlight matches throughout the text. A side panel will suggest changes and offer general editing advice.

Note: By default, the Catch function will run on the entire document. However, you can also select the text you'd like to analyze before clicking on Catch. BriefCatch will only analyze the selected text.

BriefCatch Standalone Loading

BriefCatch Standalone User Guide

You can find our quick reference PDF below to help you get the most out of BriefCatch Standalone.