PowerSummer Client Alert Competition

Written by Ross Guberman on May 17, 2020


This summer, we’re going to run a nationwide contest to recognize summer associates who write the best client alerts or similar articles aimed at the public.

The final round will be judged by a panel of three.

Here’s how the contest will work:

  •  The topic can be something you’re assigned during the summer or an issue that you choose on your own.
  •  You don’t need to be the sole author, but you should have contributed significantly to the final draft.
  •  Any legal issue will qualify, but to have a chance of winning, you should address an unsettled issue. It’s unlikely that an alert that mostly summarizes regulations or opinions will rise to the top of the stack.
  •  Submit the last version that you worked on yourself.
  •  Word count should be between 1,000 and 4,000.
  •  Submissions will be due on July 24, 2020. We will provide a portal for you to upload your submission in Word.
  •  We will cull submissions based on BriefCatch scores and then based on the clarity of the writing and the difficulty of the issue.
  •  An independent three-judge panel will pick the top three alerts based on anonymized copies. We will announce the winners, their schools, and their summer employer.

For ideas on client alerts, start with these short articles:

Client Alert or Client Asleep?

Writing to Clients and the Public in the Corona Era

You and Yours: Writing About Regulations



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