The BriefCatch Law School Package: Boost Legal Writing and Legal Tech Skills Today

Written by Ross Guberman on October 7, 2021


What You Get

Enjoy a year of school-wide access to BriefCatch, the leading legal-editing plug-in

Join the tens of thousands already benefitting from BriefCatch: law firms and boutiques, top appellate advocates, Supreme Court Justices, most of the Circuit Courts, law school professors and students, state and federal agencies, prosecutors, public defenders, and solo practitioners of every type.

Build skills continuously through BriefCatch’s exclusive content and training components

Whenever your students write and edit using BriefCatch, they can access thousands of just-in-time examples of superb legal and judicial writing and learn essential legal-writing tips and rules as well.

A trove of real legal documents and interactive editing exercises that professors can integrate into courses and clinics.

Give students tailored writing exercises and tips typically purchased for practicing attorneys and judges

Afford your students even more opportunities to enhance writing skills beyond the mandatory first-year class. For as long as the school subscribes to BriefCatch, students and faculty get 24/7 access to Ross’s writing exercises and content on the Write.Law platform.

Access reports that let you know how much students are benefitting from these products and enhancing their skills.

Boost your students’ writing skills, legal-tech prowess, and appeal to employers.

Expose your students now to the next generation of practice-support products they’ll be using on the job. And help them showcase their writing and editing skills to prospective employers and to  judges seeking clerks.

How It Works

1. The law school picks a start date of the annual license package.

2. We send license keys for the entire school, including faculty. Installation is easy, and many law schools already have the product.

3. We give your students access to Ross’s proprietary materials and content, including his Attorney Toolkit.

4. We forward you Write.Law log-in information that will allow your students to take an online skills assessment and join a self-paced track of online legal-writing exercises in Write.Law. They can also access contract-drafting instruction and other content.

5. We send you packets of ready-made BriefCatch-friendly writing and editing exercises that professors can assign in class. The exercises will build students’ skills in everything from citation format to effective transitions. And the challenges are based on real-world legal documents ranging from contracts and securities disclosures to letters and briefs.

6. We send regular reports on usage and progress.

Would you like to join the law schools already offering their students these benefits? Learn more here and get our attention below!


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Ross Guberman

Ross Guberman is the president of Legal Writing Pro LLC and the founder of BriefCatch LLC. From Alaska and Hawaii to Paris and Hong Kong, Ross has conducted thousands of workshops on three continents for prominent law firms, judges, agencies, corporations, and associations. His workshops are among the highest rated in the world of professional legal education.

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