Is the Impeachment Resolution’s Prose Unimpeachable?

Written by Ross Guberman on January 11, 2021



Impeachment language is stuffy and overwrought, and the middling BriefCatch scores for the new Resolution reflect that:



But even if we can’t punch up the prose here, all hope isn’t lost. We could fix this verb-form error and punctuation glitch:



We could use American punctuation conventions, clarify sources, and reconsider how to handle a notorious “faithfully”:


How about scrapping the colon after “such as” and using semicolons to separate the comma-laden items in the list starting on line 16 here?



Finally, I’d love to delete “Wherefore,” but I’ll let it go for snob appeal. Or for that 18th-century vibe they seem to be going for:




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Ross Guberman

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