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Using Single Sign-On to create and access your account.

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Guide: Using Microsoft Single Sign-On

Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO) is now available for BriefCatch 3! You can use Microsoft SSO to simplify the process of creating and accessing your account. By using Microsoft SSO, you will create a BriefCatch 3 account using your exisiting Microsoft account. This is the account you're signed in as to use Microsoft Word. With Microsoft SSO active, you won't have to remember or enter a separate email address or password to use BriefCatch 3.

If you haven't yet installed BriefCatch 3, you can reference our install guide for help.

How to Use Microsoft Single-Sign On

If you're a new user, install BriefCatch 3, then open the app. You will see the below screen:

Microsoft SSO with BriefCatch 3

Click on Sign in with Microsoft. This will create your BriefCatch 3 account using your current Microsoft account.

Continue with the account creation process by selecting choose to sign up for the Pro free trial, or as a Basic user.

BriefCatch 3 SSO: Select Plan

If you have an organization code to sign up under your companies enterprise license, click the link to apply the code.

That's it! You now have access to BriefCatch 3!

BriefCatch 3 SSO: Account Created

Any time you need to access your account, just click the Sign in with Microsoft button and you will be automatically logged in.

Please Note: Microsoft SSO requires a version of Word that uses IdentityAPI 1.3. You can review the Identity API requirement sets article from Microsoft for more information.

Need Help? If you're having issues using Microsoft Single Sign-On to create or access your BriefCatch 3 account, you can submit a support ticket and we will be glad to assist you.